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Englisch articles.

On this page you will find the articles or videos that are written or made in English. So i can reach not only people in the Netherlands but all over the world. I will try to put more and more here.



At Landgoed Hoenderdaell we are flying 7 blue and golden macaws in our demonstration. But during our training proces we noticed that they were not all equally as good in flying. This probably has to do with their background. Some were clipped and others were not. In this artyicle I describe the differences and how we had to adjust our training plans and re-arange our antecedents. So to set all the macaws up for succes and have them participate in our demonstration.

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Macaw article



In 2020 we were supposed to present at the ABMA conference. But due to all the rules about the corona virus the conference was cancelled. But we wrote an article for the conference proceedings. So I still want to share the article. It is about our training at the Avitorium. And how it has changed the lives and welfare of all our birds. It goes a little bit deeper into everything we did as our presentation at IMATA in 2018. I hope you will enjoy it.

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In 2017 we started at Landgoed Hoenderdaell with a new project. All birds had to be housed in big aviaries, even the birds that are used in the demonstration. This meant a whole new way of training the birds. We started with positive reinforcement training, where all birds had a choice in participating. A very unique way of training birds of prey. In 2018 we had the chance to present this project at the IMATA conference in Portugal. IMATA stands for International Marine Animal Trainers Association. With marine animals PRT is a normal way of working with the animals, but with birds it is still very new.

For our presentation we received an award for second best presentation in the Education and Conservation category.

Since so many people were positive about this project, the new way of training and the presentation, I share the video (or see below) with everyone who wants to watch it again or who wants to share it within their company to inspire their bird trainers.

Hopefully we can inspire bird trainers all over the world to use PRT with their animals.

ABMA Article


IMATA Presentation 2018

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